Marginal is a research studio founded by Zeno Franchini and Francesca Gattello which explores the margins of design disciplines and the roles it can play in the making of societies. Marginal Studio uses prototypes, installations, writings and films to investigate and document the production of objectual universes and spaces, and their implications on a planetary scale. Marginal Studio develops a practice in a continuous dialogue with other professions, expertises, and cultures. Within and against logics and structures of design and art, Marginal Studio aims to constructive dissent, experimenting interactions as forms of social practice and political awareness.


Yeelen Tavilla is an all-around stylist based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Graduated in multiple disciplines, she has a taste of various aspects within the creative field. Her passion and strength lie in concept developing and material research. Combine the two with a touch of photography and she is truly in her element. Having a Sicilian and Dutch background, Yeelen is inspired by people’s connection to their roots, which often adds a deeper meaning to her work.



Mukhtara Yusuf is a yoruba-nigerian-muslim visual artist/scholar, cultural activist and designer. her work focuses on decolonizing design, sustainability, alternative economies and design in the global south. Her creative art practice explores links between issues of trauma, black mental health, and afrofuturism by exploring larger conceptual motifs of colonial time, indigenous epistemology and material counter memory. Other themes in her work, through scholarly research, curation, and activism include afro-islamic identity marginalization, queerness, and african urban landscapes. Key concerns in her work are  black speculative design pedagogy, urban design and environmentalism; african design infrastructures, collaborative design, and issues of social capital and value.



The Future Continuous is a collaboration between Namibian born designer, currently based in Berlin, Olivia de Gouveia and the Italian designer Eugenia Morpurgo currently based in Venice. Since 2012 they have been working together on self initiated and commissioned projects that research the impact that production processes have on society, with a focus on investigating and prototyping alternative scenarios, tools and products.



Elena Campa deals with illustration, graphics and artisanal printing techniques. In 2007 she founded Studio Arturo in Rome, a collective of girls with whom she began to study architecture and education. From 2015 in Milan she opened a new studio, Spazio Florida, where different craft printing techniques coexist, from screen printing to engraving to Risograph printing, and where she continues his training activity through the workshops. Since 2016 she has taught in a professional institute for printers and at the European Institute of Design. In 2018 she published "La Stampa in Casa" with Terre di Mezzo, a book that teaches experimental and do-it-yourself printing techniques.