Terracruda, raw earth in English, is at the base of Mediterranean vernacular construction techniques as well as high-quality contemporary solutions. With the support of Guglielmino Cooperativa, a historic company which reinvented itself in the field of natural materials, we will experiment a variety of techniques ranging from pisè to terra migaki, from cocciopesto to cob. The same raw materials which are at the base of most of the architectures worldwide will be explained also in their historic use and possible mixtures. Together we will investigate material properties and possible applications, working both on speculative futures and realistic innovations. Participants will be invited to realize prototypes using these techniques and materials to gain greater understanding in the matter as well as probe sculptural and symbolic qualities of this heritage.


Together with Elena Campa, we organized The Imprint in Raw Earth, a two days workshop to experiment the relief printing of a pattern on raw earth supports. Inspired by the decorations of Sicilian majolica, we started from the design of a pattern to create blocks made by everyday materials, which became the matrices for a relief decoration on raw earth supports.


Images from SICILIA, a multilingual magazine by Flaccovio Editore*, printed from 1953 to 1982

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